WhatsApp now allows you to create group descriptions of 500 characters

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WhatsApp brings back new features to Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS versions of the app. A few weeks ago, WhatsApp was seen testing the group's description feature in its beta app, which is now being launched to a stable platform.

The group description feature allows users to add 500 explanation characters to the group in WhatsApp. Until now, any user can add or edit group descriptions, his ability is not limited to admins.

As WhatsApp does with other features, whenever the group description is changed, all participants will receive a notification.

The usefulness of this feature lies in groups of multiple members or anonymous groups. Whenever a user gets an invite link to a group, the group description will give them a quick overview of what the group wants to achieve or enable, so they can determine if they want to confirm their membership.

If the user is already part of any group, the group description is available at the touch of a button. The Group Info screen that displays all members and group images will have this descriptor as well.

In addition to adding a group description, WhatsApp also activates a new video icon button that lets users switch between voice and video calls without having to disconnect between the two.

The WhatsApp update previously extended the time limit on WhatsApp features 'delete for everyone' to more than an hour.