WhatsApp pauses for user data with Facebook in Europe

WhatsApp agrees to stop sharing data with its parent company, Facebook, until they can both find a way to share data that does not violate the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that the EU will issue.

The news comes after the
Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) completed an investigation into WhatsApp and Facebook to determine whether WhatsApp may share user data with Facebook without violating British regulations.

Reports from ICO mention that Facebook and WhatsApp should not share data except basic data processing.

France has also asked Facebook and WhatsApp to stop sharing data, asking them to meet the demands within a month.

The decisions taken by France and Britain are rules that only protect their own citizens. However, when GDPR was inaugurated in May, regulations to protect the privacy of similar communities will cover the entire EU.

WhatsApp is also updating their privacy-related rules before GDPR. The rules will explain in detail how they will share data with Facebook.