WhatsApp prepares updates for Beta apps on Windows Phone

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WhatsApp is reportedly ready to release updates for WhatsApp Beta version of Windows Phone, in version 2.18.30.

In this version, WhatsApp prepares a number of new features, one of which is Live Location. This feature allows users to share their location with other users over a period of time.

To use this feature, the user needs to access the conversation and tap on the Location menu, then set the desired time period to share the location.

This feature offers three user time selectable choices of 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours. Users can also stop the information sharing of this location by clicking the Stop button. This feature is supported with an accuracy level of up to 5 miles or 8.04 km.

In addition, another new feature that can be found in WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone is the search function in Group Info. With this new capability, users can quickly find group members.

Users can also delete group messages that have been submitted, as long as done within 68 minutes and 16 seconds from the time the message is sent. Finally, My Data Download creates a data report in the user's WhatsApp account.

Users can request to download the report, which will take 20 days. After downloading the required report within 30 days after the report is ready, this report will be removed from the WhatsApp server.

To add the WhatsApp Beta app to your Windows Phone device, click the following source. Applications can be obtained free of charge and 28.75MB size.

As a reminder, the new feature on WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone is already available in the WhatsApp app of iOS and Android versions.