Windows 10 S operating system will be S Mode

Windows 10
Microsoft plans to integrate the Windows 10 S operating system into regular Windows 10 as "S Mode". They start doing this next year.

The news has been circulating since last month. However, now, Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group, Microsoft, Joe Belfiore confirmed the rumors via Twitter.

"Next year Windows 10 S will be the 'mode' of the existing version, not the new version," Belfiore said.

S Mode will work to lock Windows 10 so that it will only be able to run applications from the Microsoft Store. Later, S Mode will work like a Windows operating system 10 S. Microsoft plans to make S Mode for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro.

Prior to this, rumors circulated that Microsoft would let Windows 10 Home users to disable S Mode for free.

However, Windows 10 Pro users with S Mode must pay US $ 49 to activate the original version of Windows 10 Pro. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not confirmed this section yet.

Windows 10 S is designed to be a competitor of Chrome OS. The operating system was created as a robust, secure and lightweight operating system at the same time light. However, it seems Microsoft still can not balance the operating system.

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