You can delete the WhatsApp message after an hour later

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Quietly, WhatsApp changed the way its messenger feature works. First introduced in October, the "delete for everyone" feature only allows users to delete messages up to seven minutes after being sent.

WABetaInfo Twitter account uploads a tweet that calls the latest version of WhatsApp app for iOS devices comes with a longer timeframe for deleting messages that have been sent, ie to one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds.

Until now, still not known for certain reasons behind the specific time limitations. WhatsApp support page does not provide any additional information related to such time limits.

An hour is considered a long enough time to be able to delete a message that was sent by accident, or delete the entire conversation from a friend's phone. WhatsApp does not offer confidential conversation options similar to competitors.

A number of message apps WhatsApp competitor has the ability to create a temporary conversation that is not stored on the sending and receiving devices. This additional time is assessed to facilitate more temporary conversations in WhatsApp.