After a vote by the United States Senate decided James Bridenstine as the leader of NASA

Jim Bridenstine
NASA has a new boss. Yesterday, a vote by the US Senate ruled Jim Bridenstine, an Oklahoma Republican congressman, to lead the space agency.

Bridenstine won thin. A total of 50 members of the Republican Senate supported the candidate from President Donald Trump, while 47 Democrats and two independent members disagreed with the appointment of Bridenstine.

"I am proud of this opportunity and once again, I am grateful to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for their confidence in me," Bridenstine said.

"I can not wait to work with a great team at NASA to achieve the vision that the President envisioned so America can regain the lead in space."

This means that NASA is one of America's favorite institutions to finally have a leader after former astronaut Charles Bolden resigned more than a year ago. For six decades, this is the longest time when the NASA leader's position is empty.

One reason some senators disagree over the appointment of Bridenstine is that of the comments he made about climate change. In 2013, he said that "global temperatures have not gone up since 10 years ago".

In an interview with Aerospace America, Bridenstine said he "does not mind to learn about the climate."