Amazon develops robots that can be implanted in Alexa

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Amazon is rumored to be developing robots for home use. The project, codenamed Vesta, was developed in Lab126, an Amazon R & D hardware center that has developed Kindle, Fire Phone and Echo.

Currently, there is still no definite information like what the look of this Amazon robot or what the function of the robot. However, Bloomberg said the robot could be a "mobile Alexa" and would follow users at home so users would be able to use Alexa anywhere.

The prototype robot built by Amazon is rumored to be equipped with computer vision software and a camera for navigation.

Amazon is rumored to be delivering the robot to the employee's home by the end of this year. While the prototype robot will be able to be tested by the general public at the earliest in early 2019.

Given that there is not much information about the robots built by Amazon, it is difficult to determine their reasons for building the robot.

One thing is for sure, this robot is not a helper robot who can perform various household tasks. Currently, the technology to develop such robots does not yet exist. Now, the home robot refers to a virtual assistant embedded in a moveable casing.

Even so, Alexa mobile can be very useful, good for Amazon or user. If Alexa has a moving body, allowing it to retrieve space information, Alexa can work better.