An analyst predicts Apple will stop production of the iPhone X this year

iPhone X
An analyst predicts Apple will halt production of the iPhone X this year because sales are not as expected. But the estimate was certainly not approved by some parties.

The indication of the iPhone X is over is the excessive supply of TSMC-made chips because Apple does not buy enough for the iPhone X. That's according to Neil Campling, head of Mirabaud Securities, indicating iPhone X is in the final production.

"There was a decrease in iPhone X orders and inventory problems at TSMC which reached a record high because the iPhone X is dead," he said, adding that the iPhone X was not selling well because the price was too expensive.

Todd Haselton, the CNBC technology columnist, disagrees with Neil's opinion. According to him, iPhone X may get an upgrade this year, but not dead. Moreover, Apple several times calling the iPhone X sales just fine.

"iPhone X is our most popular mobile phone though it has not been shipped until November," said Apple CEO Tim Cook in February. Combined with sales of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple claims a record revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Todd assesses the decline in demand on the TSMC chip not only because Apple decreases orders but because of various factors. In addition to the fact that new mobile phone sales are generally down, requests from TSMC clients such as MediaTek are also indicated to decline.

In addition to Todd, Patrick Moorhead analyst from Moor Insights & Strategy also assesses the death of iPhone X does not make sense. "The words of the dead X iPhone make no sense," he said.

"iPhone X is Apple's most expensive phone and the company sells it more than any other phone so I say it's a success Apple will update iPhone X but will not kill it If there is a supplier of components that may be affected by other suppliers," he said.

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