Apple CEO Tim Cook denied Apple would combine iOS and macOS

Tim Cook
At the end of last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple will combine two operating systems of his work, iOS, and MacOS. This will allow Apple to create an app version that will work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The app is reported to work on touch-sailing devices or computers that use the mouse and keyboard and is rumored to be available to Apple device users earlier this year. But this information is disputed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Cook explains why Apple keeps iOS and macOS apart, and does not realize that strategy. Cook mentioned that both of Apple's operating systems are just as great, as Apple keeps trying to bring the best support for both. Combining iOS and macOS called Cook will require Apple to make adjustments and compromises.

Cook claims to be a company, Apple will probably become more efficient in the future. But merging the two operating systems does not mean Apple's way of doing that efficiency.

Meanwhile, Apple strives to provide a medium that allows users to change the world, or express their interest and creativity.

Merging these two operating systems is also called Cook will limit the expression capabilities of the user's interest and creativity, making it unwanted by consumers of Apple devices. This is in contrast to Bloomberg's report in December 2017.

Bloomberg said that Apple is developing a plan titled Marzipan, which combines the basic code of macOS and iOS. But after Cook's rebuttal, Apple is expected to allow iOS and macOS developers to share equipment.

It is predicted to give iOS developers an incentive to create applications for macOS. Not allowing iOS and macOS users to download universal apps, this will help Apple fix the Mac App Store, which until now has not experienced success similar to the iOS App Store.

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