Apple confirmed the Mac Pro upgrade will be launched in 2019

Mac Pro 2018
Apple has confirmed the long-awaited Mac Pro upgrade. The device will not launch until 2019. Last year Apple revealed that the company was completely rethinking about the Mac Pro. As is known, the old model is considered outdated with a design that has not been upgraded and introduced in 2013.

The news circulated that there is a radical design of the Mac Pro release this year. Apple confirmed during an interview with TechCrunch that their device will not be available until 2019.

"We want to be transparent and communicate openly with communities that support us, so we want them to know that Mac Pro is a product of 2019. This is not something for this year," said Tom Boger, Apple's senior director of Mac hardware product marketing.

Apple notes that many customers today need to decide, whether to buy iMac Pro or wait for the Mac Pro's presence. Apple says it has formed a new division of its product development for the Mac Pro project, Pro Workflow Team, designed to understand the needs of users.

Boger confirmed that the upcoming Mac Pro would be "modular". Although not yet confirmed, there is also speculation that the upcoming Mac Pro may be one of the first Apple devices to ship with ARM-based processors.

It is in the middle of talks that the company plans to deprive Intel for the sake of custom internal chips. However, this shift is not expected to occur until 2020.

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