Apple iPhone 5s lose battery health features in iOS 11.3

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At the end of last year, Apple admitted to having made changes to the CPU for a number of iPhone models. This change is in the form of an old version of the battery support that does not provide enough devices to perform a number of tasks.

When the battery power is not enough, the iPhone will switch off unexpectedly, forcing the user to reboot the phone. Apple includes the software needed to resolve the issue on iOS 10.2.1, but never notify users until the end of December.

In addition to offering a battery replacement program worth US $ 29 until the end of this year, reduced from US $ 79.

Apple also added certain equipment to iOS 11.3, allowing iPhone users to monitor the health of their device models to block Apple from making changes to the phone's CPU, regardless of battery condition.

Apple also offers this tool for Apple iPhone 6 and newer users, and says it has provided hardware and software on 2017 output phones, such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

This tool is claimed to provide more accurate forecasts for power requirements and performance management systems, enabling iOS to anticipate and avoid sudden non-active processes.

Unfortunately despite receiving the iOS 11.3 update, older iPhone models like the iPhone 5s do not receive features related to battery health. This is because Apple does not officially announce that its company is making changes to the CPU on this device.

Apple mentioned that the problems that forced them to slow down the processor inside the old version of the iPhone was first discovered on the Apple iPhone 6.

Thus, even though the iPhone 6 is only tied for a year longer than the iPhone 5s, this older model has different components and the battery that supports it can generate enough power to support complex tasks without causing the phone to be inactive.  

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