Apple is looking for engineers to enhance the ability and development of Siri

Apple is aware of Siri's lag with his competitor's virtual assistant, and is starting to increase the opening of jobs associated with his virtual assistant. Thinknum data trackers reported 161 Siri-related jobs were uploaded until March 30th.

Within a month, the number of job vacancies at Apple is 24 percent, and in one year increased by 96 percent. In addition, 154 of the 161 job vacancies are designated as software technicians.

There are five job openings titled Siri - Software Engineer, and three job postings titled Siri - iOS Engineer. A list of other vacancies is also distributed by Apple, namely Infrastructure Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineers.

Siri is lagging behind the capabilities it can perform for users, while Google Assistant handles more than a million actions and Alexa offers users over 25,000 capabilities.

In addition, Siri also reported experiencing difficulties in presenting information to users. In a recent study, Google Assistant led the research on the ability to handle five categories: Local, Navigation, Commerce, Information and Command, and followed by Alexa, Cortana and Siri.

In the last three categories of the five categories studied, Siri is called the last rank. This helped encourage Siri's beliefs to change its virtual assistant program, in order to improve the ability to handle the tasks that users need.

At the same time, Apple is also reportedly planning to improve Siri's ability to be more engaging in conversations with users, as well as increase IQ so Siri can compete on the same level as Google Assistant and Alexa.

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