Apple is no longer using Intel chips inside their computers by 2020

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Apple will stop using chips from Intel in 2020 and start using their own chips. Reported by Bloomberg, this initiative is codenamed Kalamata and is still in early development stage for later use on Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

This information is leaked by an Apple internal source requesting that his identity be kept confidential.

If Kalamata succeeds, Apple will be the first dominant player to use their own processor, while Dell, Lenovo and Asus still use chips from Intel.

Although the transition to the new chip will begin in 2020, Apple has started to do the transformation in the field of software by setting up platforms such as Marzipan so that Apple users can use iPhone and iPad applications.

Apple's plan will not have too much impact on Intel, as only 5 percent of Intel's annual profits come from Apple.

Even so, it is feared this initiative from Apple will lead to new trends that cause more companies to produce their own chips.

Intel's side did not show any reaction to the circulation of this news. "We do not comment on speculation about our customers," Intel said.

Chips from Intel are just one of the few external products in the Apple product component. If the Kalamata project is realized, then Apple no longer needs to rely on Intel.

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