Apple ordered to pay $ $502.6 million to patent troll

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The federal judge in Texas decided Apple should pay VirnetX who is often considered a patent fraud company of US $ 502.6 million.

This is the latest news of the long bout in court that began in 2010. Possibly, this is not the end of the matter.

Demands on Apple first went to trial in 2010. At that time, VirnetX claims that Apple has infringed four patents related to online communication, which Apple uses on FaceTime and iMessage.

Since then, Apple has made an appeal and is be the hind suing VirnetX.
The last appeal that Apple submitted was in October 2017, when Apple was asked to pay the US $ 439.7 million.

"The evidence is clear," VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen told reporters after the trial.

"Give the truth and you do not have to worry about anything."

VirnetX is a company that is often regarded as a "patent troll", a company whose main business demands another company based on patent regulation. As The Verge mentions, although VirnetX has headquarters in Nevada, they report Apple in eastern Texas, whose patent-related laws are laxer.

VirnetX recognizes that their business model is indeed based on patents. In the SEC document, they mentioned that "the intellectual property portfolio is the foundation of our business model."

By 2017, the Supreme Court determines that patent owners can no longer determine where they will file patent-related claims.

The Supreme Court seems to be working against a patent troll, therefore, there is a possibility that VirnetX's demands on Apple could be closed without forcing Apple to pay the company.