Apple plans to combine Texture technology with Apple News to create premium subscription services

Apple News
In March, Apple purchased Texture, known to the public as Netflix from magazine publishing, as it allows customers to choose from 200 magazines to read for a subscription fee of US $ 9.99 per month.

The latest report mentions that Apple will combine Texture services with Apple News to create premium subscription services.

Apple will launch a service that uses Texture technology and is assisted by the remaining Texture employee next year.

With smartphone sales slipping slightly in last year's distribution, Apple plans to expand its service business.

Apple is said to be offering a new and improved Apple News app, and the percentage of revenue from paid services will be given to magazine publishers who are part of the service. Apple mentions that the company is targeting an annual service revenue of US $ 50 billion by 2021.

During the last fiscal year, Apple generated the US $ 30 billion in the division's top line, up 23 percent in fiscal 2017.

The Newsstand app is disabled and the Apple News app currently offers magazines and newspapers but requires users to sign up and subscribe to individual publishers individually.

The latest report says that similar to Texture, the new Apple News version will charge a one-time fee per month.

By paying a monthly subscription fee, this app will allow users to read available magazines and newspapers.

There is speculation that Apple will continue to charge Texture a subscription fee of US $ 9.99 a month on the new Apple News service.