Apple plans to improve Siri's activation orders using machine learning technology and artificial intelligence

Recent Apple Machine Learning Journal uploads indicate future improvements to the "Hey Siri" order coming soon. The command has been used by Apple devices for several years, with this virtual assistant listing every user's voice.

Having recorded every user's vote, Siri is often actively inadvertently in several instances. Even Apple has identified as many as three cases. The first scenario involves the device owner activating Siri accidentally by saying a similar phrase.

Meanwhile, the second scenario involves users who are not device owners can activate Siri by saying "Hey Siri" phrase.

In the last scenario and rated the most annoying is when other users say similar phrases inadvertently can trigger this Apple virtual assistant.

The scenario is the result of an update that Apple introduced in 2015, enabling the iPhone to constantly listen to users.

Now, Apple plans to introduce a number of machine-based improvements, assessed to help Siri listen better to device owners and ignore other voices.

As such, it is expected to reduce accidental activation by others up to 75 percent, and by device owners by up to 50 percent.

Under current Siri conditions, this virtual assistant can initially store five repetitions of popular commands in the initial settings and then can store up to 35 repetitions of commands to improve accuracy.

Apple's main goal is to remove the initial setup process as a whole, allowing Siri to start learning from scratch without asking the user to repeat the activation command. Until now, Apple has not confirmed the introductory timing of this fix.

However, iOS 12 is scheduled to be announced in June, predicted to be Siri's introductory time that will support the new update.

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