Apple released a policy with Apple Watch Series 2 repair due to free battery swell

Apple Watch Series 2
Apple released a new service policy related to Apple Watch Series 2, calling that its company will fix swollen batteries for free.

This free fix applies only to Series 2 Apple Watch with a 42mm variant and includes all models from this watch.

This new policy is known through internal memos that are distributed to employees and stores. Improvements will not be charged for Series 2 watches that are inactive due to battery swelling. Apple will also fix watches when the screen comes out of the frame due to the same problem.

In addition, Apple limits the time availability of this service is for three years after the device purchased consumers. Apple also implemented a similar policy related to battery problems experienced by Apple Watch first generation.

Improvements should be scheduled through Genius Bar and Apple recommends consumers to ensure that the device will be repaired for free before approving the service. Because there are reports that some employees are unaware of the presence of this new policy.

Consequently, the device must be checked first by Apple employees to confirm the cause of the problem. These watches are sent from the inspection location for repair so that users will not be able to use the device for some time before the device is restored. 

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