Apple released the second iOS 11.4 update beta with support for wallpaper (Product) Red

iOS 11.4 Beta
Apple released iOS 11.4 beta 2 for public beta operating system testers, featuring a number of new features one of which is the wallpaper of advertising (Product) Red.

This is expected to be welcomed by device buyers (Product) Red who complained about the absence of a typical wallpaper.

Available on the latest beta version, this unique Red (Product) wallpaper will only be available for the iPhone 8 model. In addition, iOS 11.4 beta 2 is also supported with AirPlay 2 feature, and this update is also supported by a number of fixes for problems found in versions beta 1.

Through this update, music apps and related features also receive fixes for bugs. Support multi-room streaming feature for Apple TV is also available in this update, but users need a companion software on both devices for the feature to work.

Users can also find other features that were previously available in the initial beta. Overall, this update tidied up the previously messed-up aspects of the first beta. Apple also reportedly tidied up and refined the update before releasing it to the entire device.

iOS 11.4 is called will be the last version of the iOS 11 operating system, and will soon be available to all users, given the operating system is running the last step in the testing process.

Meanwhile, Apple reportedly plans to combine Texture with Apple News, to create a new premium service.

The new premium service uses Texture technology and assisted by the remaining Texture clerks Apple planned to launch next year. Similar to Texture, this new version of Apple News service is reportedly going to charge a one-time a month, for the same amount of fees.

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