Apple's internal memo said the company had uncovered 29 information-leaked and held 12 of them

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Memo devoted to Apple employees circulated, revealing that as many as 29 information leaks were discovered by Apple, and 12 of them were detained by the police.

Apple also mentions not only job loss, information leakage will also be very difficult to find a new job.

Apple also displays an informative list leaked by information leaked. In one case, Apple mentioned the meeting led by chief software engineer Apple Craig Federighi.

During the meeting, Federighi noted that a number of software features for the iPhone will have a delay of release.

Federighi note is then leaked by someone to the media. Apple managed to locate the information leaked employee, and reportedly was one of the employees who attended the meeting with Federighi, and fired him.

In other cases, detailed information about unrelated software packages has leaked. This leak provides secrets related to iPhone X and as Apple Watch's latest version of Apple Watch in the introductory part of the document.

Last year, Apple held an internal seminar titled "Stopping Leakers - Keeping Confidential at Apple." Unfortunately, information related to the seminar circulated, and the secret of Apple back leaked.

Apple mentions that digital forensics helps identify employees who divulge confidential information related to iPhone X, iPad Pro and AirPods to specific mobile blogs.

Apple also works with suppliers to prevent theft of intellectual property and to identify individuals who try to access information that they should not. Have tried to do prevention, unfortunately, Apple's confidential information remains leaked.

In the past month, Apple employees who leaked confidential information to media-related Apple software road map, are known and fired. When questioned the reason, the employee mentioned that he did not expect to be caught by Apple.

Tech companies like Apple are trying to find individuals who divulge confidential information. Apple calls employees known to divulge company secrets to the media not only to be fired, also to end up in jail.

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