4 best service sites identity theft protection for 2018

For businesses and corporations to secure corporate financial data is something that must be done from the perpetrators of data theft. Not only the identity, accounts, and passwords but the data traffic in a company must remain safe from hackers.

For each person, identity in the virtual world is as important as your identity and documents in the real world or offline. On the online site, you are free to create an identity anywhere such as social media, and other site sites such as creating accounts and passwords for example.  

You just hope that the public can see your profile. But on the other hand, there is someone trying to find the identity of your account or profile for malicious purposes. For that, you must prevent and secure it.

There are some of the best identity theft protection services of 2018 that may prove useful for the security of your account. Actually, this service does not really prevent theft but notifies you as soon as your account is stolen or something suspected is happening.

1. LifeLock

LifeLock logo

If the safest identity theft protection system is your request, then this is the number one choice. Starting from data and information protection, installed logging software and harm to your computer, to personal info on computers, phones, and tablets, which are vulnerable to viruses, ransomware and malware. Prices are offered from packages of $ 9 - $ 29 per month.

2. Equifax

Equifax logo

This United States-based site offers specialized products and services including credit reports, data management, analytics, warnings and more to help you make informed decisions. With this service, you can get a million dollar insurance and there is also a special 24-hour support system.

3. IdentityForce


With plans for this service, users get daily reports on threats and prevention. Like multiple account security with top-notch functionality. Prices are offered from packages of $ 179 per year to $ 239 per year or $ 18- $ 24 per month.

4. AllClear ID

Some sites reviewing this service are considered to be the most affordable of prices but their own sites do not specify specific pricing.