BlackBerry sues Snap for violating his seven patents

BlackBerry logo
Although some BlackBerry-made phones are no longer popular, BlackBerry is still in the world of technology. At least in the case of a lawsuit suing a company they consider to be infringing on his patent.

This time it was sued by the BlackBerry is Snap, Snapchat parent company, which is considered to violate his seven patents. The lawsuit is registered with BlackBerry in the District Court for the Central District of California.

In the lawsuit, BlackBerry pointed Snapchat using 7 technologies that are patents owned by BlackBerry. One is how a system can display a preview in a device with a small screen.

Previously, BlackBerry also sued Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram over a number of technologies that are also used without permission. Given the three companies that also often borrow features owned by Snapchat, then no stranger is also then Snap was hit by the BlackBerry.

In recent years, BlackBerry has often sued other companies for patent infringement. As in 2015 they sued the company's physical keyboard maker named Typo, who then won the BlackBerry with a compensation of US $ 860 thousand.

Then in February 2017, the Canadian company sued Nokia, and last March they sued Facebook and two subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram.