Blue Origin might take tourists into space in 2018

Blue Origin Bezos
Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said that it is possible, the tourists could go into space with Jeff Bezos's space company this year.

On CNBC, Smith said that he was quite optimistic when asked about whether space travel might be realized before the end of the year.

"We think we still have a chance to make it happen this year," Smith said. "One thing we want to make sure we do is we will do it when we are ready and we want to make sure it is entirely safe for our passengers."

In late December, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shared a video showing the inside of the Origin rocket, complete with a doll named Mannequin Skywalker in it. The video shows how it feels to go into space with Blue Origin.

Capsules are being developed to bring tourists into space has an area of 161 square meters. The capsule can hold up to six people, according to information on the Blue Origin website. Mentioned, the capsule is "big enough so you can fly freely."

The capsule will carry its passengers 100 miles above Earth using a rocket before escaping from the rocket. The capsule will again land on Earth with a parachute.