Cambridge Analytica uses 87 million Facebook user profiles

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One week before co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Facebook reveals surprising information.

On blog uploads, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer unveiled a new number of Cambridge Analytica scandal user profiles.

Schroepfer reveals the number of Facebook user profiles that Cambridge Analytica uses as many as 87 million profiles. The amount is higher when compared with the previously available information, which amounted to 50 million users.

87 million user profiles should only be used for research conducted by researcher Aleksandr Kogan. However, the data is then owned by a political consultant Cambridge Analytica, who works with Trump's successful team to find precise precise spending on advertising expenditure.

Schroepfer called most of Facebook user profile data stolen criminals by using the search and recovery tool account. This allows criminals to find users via phone numbers and email addresses. The information is then collected from their Facebook profile.

To prevent this incident from happening again, Facebook will change how the account recovery tool works, and will disable the search tool. Facebook will also limit the amount of data available to be accessed by third-party apps.