Facebook finally notifies users affected in the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook logo
Facebook began providing notifications to users affected in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Data from 87 million Facebook users were found and used illegally in the scandal. And Facebook just told this to users whose data is used almost three years since the scandal was known in 2015.

Facebook now displays a link at the top of the timeline, prompting users to remove apps they no longer need.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that users will get notifications from Facebook starting today. If your data is obtained and used illegally, Facebook will provide links showing how your account is affected and explain that a site your Facebook friends might use has stolen your information and provided it with Cambridge Analytica.

In a message informing users that their data was obtained by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook also mentioned that they had blocked the "This Is Your Digital Life" site.

In addition to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has also blocked AggregateIQ and CubeYou for using similar tactics.

Facebook has also changed some of their data management practices and changed their rules so users can understand them more easily.

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