Facebook loses confidence in the EU because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

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The loss of confidence in Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal could prompt the EU to make new regulations regarding hate speech and sanction heavy, the European Commission said.

The EU's executive body is now considering ways to get hate speech quickly removed from social media. One of the options they are considering is the tougher rules of the day.

Jourová, commissioner for consumers and justice says that the current system is based on the trust in Facebook and similar companies to remove hate speech content and report it. Unfortunately, trust on Facebook faded after a scandal about a misuse of user data.

Jourová said that he would ask Facebook COO Facebook Sheryl Sandberg "unanswered questions" about Facebook's past mistakes and their plans in the future.

"I would like to discuss with him the steps taken to ensure this scandal does not recur," said the commissioner.

"Perhaps we will also discuss how to deal with hate speech, for me, of course, both are important: they have an impact on EU law."

"In terms of hate speech, we work together on the basis of volunteerism. Therefore, the code of ethics related to hate speech is an important part of the joint task and I want to continue it, but the cooperation is based on trust. These beliefs must exist.These must work hard to recover trust it."

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