Facebook released updates for HD video Messenger and 360 degree panoramic photos

360 degree and HD
In the midst of a number of problems regarding user data, Facebook must make a number of changes including plans to announce smart speakers. However, this plan change does not affect the release of updates for the Messenger app.

The update brings support for HD video capabilities and photos with a 360-degree viewing angle. The 360 degree panoramic feature support can be distinguished from regular photos thanks to the compass icon that appears next to the photo.

Interactive panoramas can be viewed in Messenger versions of apps as well as desktop versions. For HD video, users will be able to share it with 720p resolution from gallery and newsfeed. This support is limited to resolutions up to 720p, both via mobile data and Wi-Fi.

360-degree image support is available worldwide, while HD video support is currently only available in 18 regions: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan , Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Previously, Zuckerberg responded to Cook's comments regarding the data security scandal facing Facebook. Zuckerberg underscored that not everyone can afford services like Facebook.

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