Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are in danger of being boycotted for 24 hours

Facebook abuse data scandal by Cambridge Analytica's political consultant has a long tail. After announcing that 87 million Facebook users worldwide are victims, Facebook will be boycotted.

Campaign boycott Facebook named Faceblock this will be done simultaneously with Mark Zuckerberg's statement related to misuse of data in front of the US Congress on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

The protesters who joined in Faceblock invite everyone to protest by not using the application Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram for 24 hours.

Faceblock campaign spokeswoman Laura Ullman said his group was so concerned with personal data and how a company should comply with regulations related to personal data.

"We are organizing a live action that involves many lovers of Facebook but wants the platform to tidy up by not using the entire day's Facebook platform, it's an easy virtual demonstration as well as delivering an important message that we demand a better platform," Ullman said.

Ullman explained, he chose a protest against Facebook held just as Mark Zuckerberg gave an explanation in front of the US Congress.

"It is the responsibility of Facebook to improve their platform, but it is also the government's responsibility to ensure social media companies protect user data and implement regulations," he said. 

Some users have previously considered deleting their Facebook accounts permanently. However, according to Ullman, it is not possible for everyone, let alone still many who like Facebook and other platforms owned by Facebook.