Facebook will tighten political advertising

Mark Zuckerberg finally opened his voice on the plan to secure General Elections in various countries that will take place this year. He stated, Facebook will make a political advertiser must be verified account.

"From now on, all advertisers who will create political ads or other issues, must be verified.To be verified, advertisers should confirm their identity and location.We will also label them, and advertisers will show you who paid them," Mark wrote Zuckerberg, quoted from his Facebook account.

He said that this feature will start in the United States, and a few months later there will be in other countries as well.

Facebook is also trying out new features, allowing all users to see all the ads run by a page. In addition, they also try to create a feature that can make users look for political advertising in the past.

Not only political advertisers, Zuckerberg also states that users who manage the page must be verified as well. According to him, this can make it difficult for people to run it with fake accounts, creating fake or negative content and making it popular.

Zuckerberg claims that Facebook has started this since 2017, after Russia was rumored to intervene in the 2016 US presidential election. At that time, Facebook issued a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to remove thousands of fake accounts that exist.

He knows that this step does not eliminate the person who will break the system. But, Zuckerberg believes that it will be harder for people to make it happen.