Features on iPhone that can make sleep more soundly

Bedtime on iPhone
The use of smartphones is now increasing, not even controlled. However, excessive use of Android can disrupt break times. Not a few of the few people who actually sleep less because often play the smart phone.

There are several features that can help you sleep more smoothly and soundly though using a smartphone. These features can be used at the same time.


Bedtime is a feature released on iOS 10. With Bedtime, users can monitor sleeping habits and make waking time more regularly.

Users can access Bedtime from the Clock app. Select the bed icon at the bottom of the screen. After that, set the wake time and any day where the alarm is not activated. Users can also set how long sleep time.

Users can set sleep reminders. They will be prompted to set the reminder time to appear and select the alarm sound. Once set up, the user just simply moves the icon in the circle that appears on the screen when it wants to set sleep and wake time.

Apple Music

Users can also turn on the alarm sound in the Apple Music streaming app. With sound effects such as waves, rain, forest sounds, winds and crickets at night, sleep will be faster.


Did you know that pressing the snooze button on the alarm when waking up can actually make people more tired when waking up ? It has even been investigated by scientists. They say, the factor is tired and late wake up because too often press the snooze button.

In order to wake you up more refreshed, you should disable the snooze feature. To do so, open the Clock app, tap Edit and select the alarm you want to set. Here you can disable the snooze feature by sliding the button to the left.

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