Former directors wants to buy and master Qualcomm

Qualcomm Company
The process for mastering the largest mobile processor producer company in the market has not been completed yet. After some time ago refused the acquisition of Broadcom, now Qualcomm will be controlled by a former high-ranking company.

Former Qualcomm Chairman and CEO Paul Jacob are trying to raise money to support him to buy Qualcomm. Keep in mind that Jacob is also the son of the founder of the company Qualcomm.

Of course, this step is taken to maintain the existence of Qualcomm as a family company. Jacob himself is rumored to be converting Qualcomm into a private company, not a public company if successful buy Qualcomm.

Based on inside information compiled by CNBC, mentioned there are already some investors who are interested in helping Jacob have Qualcomm. One of the potential manufacturers is the design of ARM chip owned SoftBank.

The ARM is a chip designer that is widely used processor manufacturers including Qualcomm has been a long-time subscription. Previously, Jacob had only a very small stake, requiring more money to buy Qualcomm and turn it into a private company.

Paul Jacob himself was 'kicked' from Qualcomm's board of directors after he announced he wanted to buy Qualcomm, after Qualcomm's rejection of Broadcom's latest $ 120 billion offer.
Qualcomm board of directors considered the decision to affect the independence of the company's policy direction so that Jacob should not be in the position of Chairman.