Google Chrome Android version is again supported by the Home button

Chrome For Android
Google Chrome Android version is again supported by the Home button on the address bar of the site. Most browsers, desktops, and mobile supported the Home button, allowing users to access the selected site page as the Home page.

Back in favor of the icon, Google previously removed it from the Android version of Chrome in its predecessor version. If previous reports indicate the Home button appears in the latest beta version of Chrome Android, Phone Arena calls finding the Home button icon on a stable version of Android app.

If the user has not set the selected site page as the Home page, tapping the Home button icon will bring the user Google Search page by default. To set the Home page, the user needs to click the menu in the upper right corner of Chrome and click Settings.

Tap the Home page and tap the URL of the site page you want to serve as the Home page, to ease and speed up the access process. However, the user must make sure to shift the lever on the setting to the "enable" position.

Meanwhile, after leaked information related to this feature is outstanding, support for official wireless Android Auto is available even though only a limited number of device owners are visited.

To be able to enjoy this feature, drivers must use either first or second generation Pixel devices, or Nexus 5X and 6P.
In addition, this device must also use the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo or higher version, and at least have Android Auto version 3.1.
However, users who want to take advantage of this feature are still required to connect the phone via a USB cable to complete the initial setup process.