Google Phone app may prevent users from receiving spam phone calls

Google Phone logo
Google announces an update for Google Phone and Dialer apps, though only for Pixel series devices, Nexus and Android One. This update will help users block phone interference or spam in contacting the phone.

This capability allows the phone to not ring, or the user's current activity is interrupted, as it immediately redirects phone calls to voicemail. This update called Google takes several weeks to release the update.

However, users can register as beta testers to be able to enjoy the capabilities offered by this update. Users only need to access the Google Play Store, open the Phone app and scroll down to find a column labeled "Become a tester".

However, the beta version of this app is still unstable and is expected to still have some problems or bugs. If you can not compromise this beta performance, users can uninstall application updates from the phone, and install the public version.