Google will release Pixel phones at mid-range prices in India

Google Pixel
Google is rumored to soon expand Pixel production to a less expensive version. India became the destination country of the new Pixel type.

As one of the price sensitive markets, India is the second largest market after China. While the Chinese market is difficult to market smartphone manufacturers, India is a battlefield for mobile phone vendors from around the world.

So far, Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, compete strongly with Samsung to dominate the Indian market.

Four Google executives in India say Pixel at an affordable price will slide in July or August this year. Prices are priced will be in the middle range, enough to compete with mobile phones such as Xiaomi Mi A1.

"Google is interested in expanding its product business in India by leveraging the cheaper 4G network by Reliance Jio and other operators that can maximize the potential of this product," said an Indian retail representative.

Throughout 2017, Google only managed to market 3.9 million units of Pixel.
Apple sold 216.76 million iPhones during fiscal 2017, while Samsung in the second quarter of 2017 alone sold 79.8 million units.

Creating a more affordable Pixel is called Google's strategy to touch a wider market. The hope, when the name of the cheap Pixel began to be recognized by the Indian market, their flagship mobile phone sales are also boosted.