Grasshopper application from Google Area 120 incubator makes it easy to learn coding through mobile

Grasshopper application
Google's internal incubator, Area 120 just released its new creation, a mobile app for learning to create code or coding called Grasshopper.

Currently, the app will teach users how to write code using JavaScript via their iPhone or Android. The purpose of this application is to make users understand the basics of programming so that they can take the next step in learning to make the program.

Grasshopper also has a place that allows users to create interactive animations. After understanding the basic concepts of programming, users will be able to learn more about making the program, either by taking online classes or following bootcamp.

TechCrunch reported, just like other 120 Area projects, Grasshopper was developed by a small team at Google. They make these apps because they do have a personal interest.

"Coding is a very important capability and we want to make a way for everyone to learn how to create a program even when they are busy," write the Grasshopper developers on the About Us page.

"We make Grasshopper to help people like you to learn how to create programs in an easy and fun way."

Area 120 has been in existence for over two years. However, Google does not announce its existence on a large scale. One of Google's goals to make this internal incubator is to find the next breakthrough product.
Another reason is to get employees out of Google to develop their own projects.