HMD plans to bring a new version of Nokia 2010 in 2019

Nokia 2010
HMD brings back some of Nokia's legendary feature phones this year, the Nokia 8110, otherwise known as a banana phone. A number of parties hope HMD will present the latest version of the Nokia Communicator phone line, but the reality says otherwise.

The information circulating that HMD plans to bring a new version of Nokia 2010. This phone will not be announced until 2019 to mark the 25th anniversary of the model, which was first launched in 1994.

The phone is expected to use a similar operating system two new mobile phones from the old model of Nokia presented by HMD, the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110. However, the new version of Nokia 2010 will also be supported a number of social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.

In addition, HMD is also rumored to be changing the name of the feature phone to distinguish it from the original phone version. Not getting official confirmation from the HMD, the information circulating call HMD will name this phone as Nokia A10.

Nokia's next feature phone will release in several color options, including black, red and yellow. Until now, there is no more detailed information regarding the price that HMD will offer for this phone.