How to find the missing Android phone (Most Easy)

Do not panic first if you know your Android phone is gone. Though it was stolen or missed somewhere. Do not always think that your phone is gone and cannot be found anymore.

Because there is an easy way to find your lost Android phone again. Do not even need to install additional applications. The trick is to simply use the Google Maps digital map application, which is connected to the Google account used on your phone.

The trick is not too complicated, here's an easy step to find the missing Android phone:

1. Open the link or from other devices, can be from the laptop, tablet or other Android mobile phones. 
2. Then login to the same Google or Gmail account you use on your lost Android phone. 
3. Next will display Google Maps and will start detecting your lost mobile phone. 
4. Then will appear to Find My Device option, you simply click Accept button. 
5. Not how long, on the Google Maps digital map display page, will appear the location of the lost phone. With the condition of the missing mobile phone is being activated and Location (GPS) feature is also On. 
6. In the Google Maps view, there are also several menu options, including Play Sound, Lock, and Erase.

Google Find My Device

  • If you click on the Play Sound menu, then the lost mobile phone will sound the ringtone. If the location of the lost mobile phone is in close proximity, then you can listen to the ringtone to find the phone. Interestingly, this feature works even if your phone is in silent mode. Even ringtones will be sounded at maximum volume.
  • If you select the Lock menu, the mobile phone screen display will be lost locked. So others cannot access the mobile phone. If you have not set the Lock feature on the lost phone, you can do it remotely on this menu.
  • And if you worry about various data stored on a lost mobile phone can be accessed and misused, you can choose Erase menu. This will delete all the content stored on the mobile phone.
  • If it turns out the Location (GPS) feature on the lost phone is not active, Google Maps will not be able to locate the mobile phone.
  • But you can still reset the lost phone by pressing Erase menu. So the phone is reset and will go into the factory settings, which also will automatically activate the Location (GPS) feature. So you can find the location of the lost mobile phone.

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