How to post photos on Instagram from PC or Laptop with simpler

How to post on instagram from pc or laptop
On Instagram site web version, it is for now not yet available facilities upload photos/video directly, so it must go through the application. However, please note that actually on the mobile version of the Instagram site, the facility already exists. However, it takes a mobile browser to use it.

For those of you who are more often dealing with computers or laptops in everyday activities but still prefer to play Instagram primarily to upload photos to Instagram, the following way is certainly very useful for you.

A simple way to post your latest photos to Instagram via your pc or laptop. All you need to do is, please prepare the first photo to be uploaded. Then use google chrome browser, I have never tried it on firefox or anything else. Then log into each Instagram account on their site.

A simple way to post your latest photos to Instagram via PC or Laptop.

1. Set up your first Google Chrome

The software we use in this way is Google Chrome. Surely the browser is very common for you. You may even use Google Chrome as your default browser.

2. Log in to your Instagram Account

Open Chrome and open Instagram website, then please login to your account as usual.

3. Take advantage of the Inspect Element Tool

After logging into your Instagram account, go to your profile page then please right click on the blank or press Ctrl + Shift + I. This will open the Inspect Element panel.
Once the Inspect Element panel appears, click the Toggle device toolbar option as indicated in the image above or press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M.  
The tool becomes a weapon of a web developer to check and manage responsiveness of website appearance on a mobile device. This is also our tool in this tutorial.

4. Make sure Screen Resolution is Responsive

Make sure that the selected screen option is Responsive to 100% content. See the following picture for reference:

Instagram for PC
You can also manually resize the screen by changing the number in each box (width x height).

5. Click Icon Camera As in Mobile

When you get to this stage and return to the tab containing your Instagram account in Chrome, it looks more or less like an Instagram view on mobile in general. Here is the main way.
As usual on mobile, how to upload photos to Instagram via computer or laptop with this method is very simple, ie by clicking the camera icon in the bottom center. See the picture below:
Click the camera icon

6. Select the image you want to upload

Pop-ups will appear just like when you want to save or upload files from the browser. Select the folder for the image you want to upload to Instagram on your computer or laptop.
folder PC or Laptop

7. Edit Image, Add Caption and Upload Photos To Instagram Through Computer or Laptop

Just like always, you want to upload photos to Instagram, at this stage you just need to give a final touch before your photos appear publicly and share photos to your followers.
Edit photos, add captions or other account tags, then upload photos to your Instagram via PC.
|Good luck and apologize if any writing errors or ways above cannot be used anymore because there could be already changes in policy or other.|