Huawei will work on a virtual assistant who can read emotions

Huawei logo
A number of technology companies today must be recognized are competing to work on the most capable virtual assistant. One of them is Huawei who has the desire to create a virtual assistant who understands the user's emotions.

The China-based company plans to create virtual assistants that can provide a more emotional communication experience. In other words, communication can run more familiar with humans.

According to Huawei's VP Software Engineering, Felix Zhang, the company plans to create more interaction not only through words but also involving emotions. This is called can change how to communicate with the current machine.

"We think, in the future, all users hope they can interact with a more emotional system, which we think for the long term," he said.

Through the development of this program, Huawei also wants to create a virtual assistant who can have a very long conversation, so that users do not feel themselves talking to themselves or with the machine.

"As a first step, we want to include a high IQ in the assistant, then the next step is to include a high EQ," he said.