Huawei's patent shows folding phones into tablets

Huawei logo
In October, Huawei CEO Richard Yu announced that his company is developing a folding mobile phone, expected to release in 2018.

One month after Yu's statement, Huawei registered a patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WIPO issued this patent on March 30, accompanied by a picture of Huawei's thoughts related to the folded mobile phone. In open positions, Huawei's folding device is a full-sized tablet.

Meanwhile, when folded in the middle, this device will function as a smartphone. In last October while discussing the phone being developed Huawei, Yu mentioned there is a small gap between the two screens when the device is in open position.

Huawei folding phone patent
At that time, Yu mentioned that Huawei must find a way to remove the gap. Since the patent has been registered before this comment is made, some parties assume that the mechanism on this patent does not solve the problem.

Huawei is not the only smartphone manufacturer that is developing a similar folding design phone. Earlier this month, Merrill Lynch analysts said that Apple is developing a folding iPhone design that is predicted to be introduced in 2020.

In addition, Microsoft has received a number of patents for the Andromeda coded folding device, while Samsung is also reportedly preparing to reveal the Galaxy X folding design that has long been awaited by consumers in 2019.