Instagram introduces a new portrait mode titled Focus

Instagram new portrait mode
Instagram introduces a new portrait mode titled Focus, on Stories feature on its social network. This feature lets users disguise their background images, even though they can only be used on restricted devices.

This feature utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is tasked to detect faces that are highlighted by the camera. Not only on the front of the camera, this feature can also be used by the user on the front camera, and provides the option to apply the focal and faint effects on selfie photos.

In addition, users can also apply this feature to the video, and after being photographed and recorded, users will be able to embed photos and videos will be able to decorate them with filters and apps like Stories content in general.
Meanwhile, Instagram helped bring the new Mention Sticker feature, allowing users to access other users. Until now, to be able to tag colleagues, Instagram users can call their usernames in plain text.
With the Mention Sticker feature, Instagram Stories users can tag colleagues in a more visible format, as stickers adopt a new rainbow color effect. The new portrait camera mode feature and Mention Sticker will begin to be released on April 10, USA time.
Both of these features were released as part of the Instagram update version 39, and will be available through the App Store and Google Play Store. For compatible devices, Instagram calls the entire iPhone launched after iPhone 6S in 2015 can take advantage of the new features.
Instagram also reveals this feature can be used by a number of Android devices, although it has not revealed exactly the list of devices that are compatible with both Instagram latest features.