Instagram provides support for converting ad content to full screen format

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Instagram announces updates for the Stories feature on its services, with support for uploading content via Ads Manager for advertisers.

This support also allows content to appear in full screen format on Stories. This capability will show up when a business uploads a single photo or 15-second video with the Instagram Feed aspect ratio.

Instagram will then automatically provide full screen support having an aspect ratio of 9:16, for that content on Instagram Stories.

Regardless of whether content is shared exclusively or in multiple locations, this capability will allow advertisers to reach more users on Instagram and Facebook. This capability is also supported by Instagram's pixel adjustment technology.

This technology will automatically select the background color gradient to make it an ad with full screen format. If the content is box-shaped, Instagram will add text from Instagram Feed or Facebook at the bottom of the photo or video featured in Stories.

However, if the content is higher than the box format, Instagram will not display caption text on Stories. In addition, the ability to swipe upwards will allow advertisers to add destination links to the ads in their Stories.

Not only for businesses and advertisers in general, this ability is also aimed at Instagram to facilitate small and medium enterprises in reaching Instagram community, especially 300 million users who are registered as accessing daily active Stories feature.