Intel plans to close the development division of smart eyewear technology

Intel smart glasses
Smart goggles since a few years ago became wearable devices that focus was developed by several technology companies in addition to smartwatches. Unfortunately, Intel is actually planning to close the development division of smart eyewear technology.

Intel plans to close the smart eyewear development division today that has been established since 2013 and research for smart glasses and fitness monitoring glasses or fitness tracker.

And at the end of this year, Intel has preached will introduce one of the smart sunglasses named Vaunt who for the first time can present the smart glasses with a slim design like ordinary glasses.

If this decision is true then Intel will close the development division named NDG (New Devices Group) and divert the number of workers in the division which reaches 200 workers to other divisions.

Even so, Intel has said that they will still introduce Vaunt sunglasses to the developers, not directly to the end-consumer market. So most likely Vaunt will be developed by other companies.

In a revelation given by Intel, they acknowledge that Vaunt smart glasses are augmented reality eyewear products aimed at the end-consumer market but they think the current market does not support Intel to continue developing the product.

Intel seems to have difficulties in developing technological devices for consumer product sections. Intel had worked closely with Oakley and Tag Heuer for wearable devices but none were increasing and popular in the market.