Iran was hit by a cyber attack that left a US flag on the monitor

United States Flag
A group of hackers attacked various networks in a number of countries, including data centers in Iran.

Iran's IT Minister, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi uploaded images from a computer screen with US flags and messages from hackers via his official Twitter account.

The attacker left a picture of the US flag along with a warning message, "Do not disturb our election," the Iranian Ministry of Technology and Information said.

He mentioned, still not known who the mastermind behind the attack. He said the attacks mainly affected Europe, India and the United States.

"This attack affects 200 thousand switch routers worldwide in a massive attack, including attacks on 3500 switches in our country," said Minister of Communications and Information Technology in an official statement as quoted from Iran's official media, IRNA.

"About 55 thousand devices are infected in the US, 14,000 in China while the stricken device in Iran is only 2 percent of the total device," he said.
They argue that this attack exploits a vulnerability in the router system used Cisco's system. Cisco has issued a warning and provides patches to patch up existing weaknesses and avoid cyber attacks. Unfortunately, some companies do not install the patch immediately because of the New Year holiday in Iran.
Although it was time to break the internet service to attack the data center infrastructure, the Iranian cyber police claimed that the cyber attack is not to leak sensitive data belonging to internet users in Iran.