Latest features make free Spotify users benefit

Spotify logo
Spotify is launching its new app that is undergoing major changes, including the experience of its users. Now free Spotify users are more benefited.

Why benefit? Now unlimited Spotify users can freely replace songs indefinitely. Only, the ability is limited to 15 playlists provided by Spotify.

Fortunately, these 15 playlists are made specifically for each user based on the songs they often listen to. The full playlist of 750 songs is updated daily.

Spotify claims its users in total have made more than 2 billion playlists. And now, this new app will help users in creating playlists by giving song suggestions according to the songs that have been added to the Playlist.

In this new app, Spotify is also now asking its unpaid users to select their favorite singer when they first open the app. It also makes Spotify able to provide special playlist according to the user's musical taste.


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