LG has difficulty meeting OLED screen requests for Apple

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Apple's attempt to not completely rely on it as a screen supplier for the iPhone seems to be having trouble.

Apple's efforts to make LG Display as an OLED display manufacturer for the iPhone has encountered problems related to production. Apple doubts that LG can produce enough screens to become the second OLED display supplier for the iPhone.

Over the past few months, analysts have mentioned that Apple has to find an OLED display supplier for an iPhone other than Samsung. Currently, Apple does use OLED screen for iPhone X screen which was launched last year.

The reason Apple is looking for a supplier other than Samsung is that if the South Korean company becomes the only OLED display supplier for Apple, then they can control the price of the screen that Apple bought.

LG re-use OLED display for V30. In addition, LG has also supplied OLED screen for Google Pixel 2 XL. Unfortunately, the experience of using OLED screens on Pixel 2 XL is inconsistent.

Indeed, LG is a leader in making OLED TV screens. Even so, they seem to be difficult to bring the same screen quality into the smartphone.