Limit Internet time does not protect children from online threats

Manage your kids screen time
Some parents may agree that the internet also has a negative impact and it is hard to avoid for their growing child in the digital age. According to Kaspersky Lab, limiting the time children play internet does not protect them from the danger.

In research conducted Kaspersky Lab and B2B International found that 33 percent of parents are concerned about Internet addiction experienced by the younger generation.

Mentioned one in ten (12 percent) children under the age of 18 have been addicted to the Internet. While 36 percent of parents are worried about children seeing inappropriate or explicit content and 32 percent worry that children communicate with strangers.

With the percentage of 51 percent of parents feeling online threats to their children is increasing, the number of time children does online is an important factor that parents pay attention to keep them protected.

Because of this concern, as many as 33 percents of parents impose time restrictions on using the Internet to their children.

Within 12 months, 44 percent of children face at least one online threat, with one in ten children accessing inappropriate content (12 percent) or encountering malicious software and viruses (10 percent).

VP Product Marketing Kaspersky Lab Dmitry Aleshin advised parents to be able to provide education. More than a third (37 percent) of parents regularly talk about online dangers with their children and 31 percent keep an eye on their children while they are online.

"It is also important to use software to strengthen protection. Limiting Internet time is one of the processes but not enough of it. Technology can help reduce risk while helping children to explore the positive aspects of the Internet safely, "Aleshin said.


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