Motorola released an update for its camera application user interface

Moto X4 Android One
Motorola has released an update for its camera device app, containing a number of changes to the application's user interface. This change lets users swipe up to change shooting modes.

With this change, wiping to the left will feature a number of features like Panorama and Slow Motion. While rubbing to the right will display the video mode.

If the user wants to use custom settings for photos, the bar at the top of the screen will allow switching between Auto and Manual.

In models that have dual camera support, this update provides convenience for the user in finding the button, to change the function of the lens used. The control has been moved from the left side of the screen to the top of the viewfinder.

The camera icon has also been changed and now consists of a camera image with a dark blue background. In addition to user interface changes, this update is also supported with bug fixes and stability improvements.

Until now, the information circulating mention that the update has been received by Moto Z and Moto X4 Android One