Niantic announced it will host Pokemon Go Earth Day events around the world on April 22

Pokemon Go
Niantic, the team behind Pokemon Go, announces holding local cleansing events worldwide for all players who want to attend.

The developer is also working with Mission Blue to convince Pokémon Go players to make changes on April 22.
For information, Mission Blue is an organization focused on protecting the ocean. 

If enough players are present and participate in the upcoming April 22 cleanup event, players will have the opportunity to open a number of awards that will be available worldwide.

Based on the information circulated, if the event was attended by as many as 1,500 participants, Niantic will open the opportunity to capture Pokemon type Stardust for Grass, Water and Ground twice in a period of 48 hours.

Meanwhile, if the Earth Day event participants reach 3,000 people, then Niantic will present the opportunity to capture the Stardust for Grass, Water and Ground type Pokemon three times, within 48 hours.

Earth Day events have been confirmed in various countries, including the United States, Japan, France, Belgium, Portugal, Taiwan and others. Users can find the location of events organized by Niantic and Mission Blue on a special page of the Niantic site.