Nintendo is ready to release the latest mobile games

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo did not want to just rely on the Switch console as the source of income. They also have prepared the latest mobile games this year.

Nintendo announced that it has collaborated with Cygames, an online game developer based in Tokyo, Japan, to target the mobile device market. This is done to strengthen their mobile gaming business while reducing the dependence on console sales are up and down.

Later, the second creation game called Dragalia Lost the action-themed will glide for smartphones in the middle of the year. First of all, the game will be released in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau first. Then, following the countries in North America and Europe.

As part of the partnership, Nintendo will purchase a 5% share of Cygamesa with an unspecified amount. In addition to trusted Nintendo to create Dragalia Lost, Cygames actually already known as the creator of Granblue Fantasy. This will be the second mobile game created by Nintendo by partnering with third-party developers.

From the cooperation, both have released a number of game titles for mobile devices. One of the games for mobile phones and tablets that was launched by him is Super Mario Run. 


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