Only 66% of young people in the US believe the earth is round

The number of flat Earth conspiracy theories was able to influence the mindset of young people in the United States about the form of this Blue Planet.

A survey by analytics firm YouGov suggests that only 66% of young millennials in the United States believe Earth has a round shape. Younger millennials in the survey were in the 18-24 age range.

They are called millennials of young age because a number of global analytics firms set up a generation composed of people born in the early 1980s to the late 1990s.

YouGov began his survey on February 6 by asking the opinion of 8,215 respondents as a representation of the population of the United States about the form of this inhabited planet.

In addition to 66% among young millennials who really believe Earth is round, 4% of them strongly believe that Blue Planet has a flat shape.

If specified, 9% raises doubts if Earth is round, 2% begins to believe less with Earth's flat understanding, while the remaining 16% are not sure.

A man named Mike Hughes had just flown himself with a rocket in California to prove the truth of flat earth, though after that he did not say anything about the 'original form' of the planet. 

If looking at the overall survey results, only 2% of the total respondents who claim to believe the shape of the Earth is flat. This figure is inversely proportional to 84% of respondents who believe the Earth is round.